Once in a lifetime you get the honour of working for someone incredible and Melma Hamersfeld was that for me. Melma was the founder of fashion label Metalicus and I worked there for seven years prior to starting my own label Primness. 
Melma was my mentor but also my friend. We shared a creative bond, fashion trips and lots of good coffees. We spent time at art galleries finding inspiration and she taught me that the best ideas eventuate away from the office.
Melma you were an icon, a visionary and ahead of your time in every way. Although we both shared a love for fashion, creativity and the arts you also inspired me across all aspects of life. It was a privilege to have spent so much time together and to have learnt from you. You lived a fabulous life and honouring you with a little pink feels just right.
In honour of your fabulous life we are releasing our best-selling Loose V-Tee in Sweetly Pink. For each t-shirt sold $80 will be donated to MND Victoria, which focuses on the day-to-day support of people with MND. https://www.mnd.org.au/
Thank you, Melma. Thank you for being so terrific! I will miss you.
Love always